Curated by Chicago Art Source


The Residences at 8 East Huron are home to a world-class collection of private art curated by Chicago Art Source. A myriad of artists comprise a stunning collection that rivals the city's finest galleries. Explore some of the featured artists below.



“My work focuses on artistic and creative solutions for wall designs. I create large-format photographic imagery, which achieve a room-enhancing and space-expanding effect. With some series I specifically intend to provide calming, relaxing, invigorating and refreshing environments. These works have been successfully installed in wellness resorts, hotels, medical facilities, and hospitals, as well as in offices. My graphic designs offer a powerful way to enhance large vertical surfaces without overwhelming the space. Design motifs can be adapted flexibly in color palette, shape, sizing, and cropping to optimally fit the client’s concepts, thus flowing naturally into architectural or interior designs. I provide a wide aesthetic variety, spanning from looks inspired by classical mosaic traditions all the way to very abstract, modern works.” – Rec Belna (Berlin, Germany)



“Michael Banks is widely credited with creating some of the most exciting and unique artwork in today’s modern art scene. His website is considered a barometer of trend-setting contemporary photography. His highly original and innovative abstract photo-art has led to collaborations with Art Consultants, Interior Designers and Gallerists, with his art being specified for high-profile international Hospitality, Leisure, Corporate and Residential Interiors. His art has been featured extensively in the international art & design press. His client list is a “who’s who” of global hotel chains and prestigious corporations spanning the USA, Europe, the Middle and Far Est, as well as a select group of internationally recognized private art collectors.” – Chicago Art Source (Chicago, IL)



“Born in Kazakhstan. For the last 8 years, my way of life is Nomadism. I live out of a backpack. I don’t make definite travel plans, but instead follow a spontaneous impulse. I apply a similar approach to make art, allowing a creative flow to come through me. I am inspired by the struggles and celebrations of humanity; by the wealth of cultural and natural diversity in the world. Photography allows me to capture the reality that I’m fortunate to be part of and share it with a global audience. I explore the world through my art.” -Victor Tondee


“GI Artlab is a creative design studio based in Seattle, A. It consists of digital artists and painters who collaborate under the direction of the Art Director. The diversity of the artists’ mediums, the range of talent, and the ability to develop new work quickly makes this art group an invaluable asset. The studio’s capabilities include painting (acrylic, watercolor and oil), drawing, stenciling, and screen printing, photography, digital compositing, digital rendering and the creation of some three dimensional objects.” – GI Artlab (Seattle, WA)